State Museum in Ranchi

Jharkhand is typically known as tribal state that holds numbers of communities and rich history. Ranchi as a capital has responsibly aided in proper conservation of chronology and culture of Jharkhand. There is immense need to protect ethnic souls of heritage and culture belonging to this region. Hence, government has introduced State Museum in Ranchi to preserve their heritage and culture for next generations to come.

Beautiful Establishment of State Museum in Ranchi

State Museum in Ranchi was established in the year 2009 by the honorable Vice President, Mr. Hamid Ansari. It is well manifested in the region of Hotwar showcasing heritage culture, tribal lifestyle, and artifacts revealed in excavation in Ranchi. It is very important place in terms of Ranchi Tourism. It houses one of the rare sculptures of ancient times that are iconic identity of Jharkhand.

Show Pieces at State Museum in Ranchi

History of State Museum in Ranchi

State Museum was earlier known as Ranchi Museum. It was established way back in 1974 in the premises of Tribal Research Institute placed in Morabadi, Ranchi. It was a rather small place to display such wonderful collection of Jharkhand. There was requirement of well spread out area to showcase the rich heritage and culture of this region. After becoming separate state, a notable development took place to move this historical museum at a new address. Efforts from administration have taken the shape of State Museum established at Hotwar in Ranchi in 2009. The new building of Ranchi museum or State Museum was inaugurated by Vice President of India.

Attractions at State Museum in Ranchi

In Ethnological Gallery they have displayed the lifestyle of various tribal communities that exist in Jharkhand. Their daily practices, agriculture, instruments, arsenals, tools, and other such things are showcased in this museum.

Ethnological Gallery at State Museum in Ranchi

Asur tribes are found in the region of Ranchi, Lathar, Palamu, and Lohardaga. Here, in this gallery, their practice of manufacturing iron equipments along with agriculture activities is shown. The illusions of their festivals such as Kachdel, Phagua, Navakhans, and Sarhul are displayed in sculpture form to offer glimpses of their culture and also to know about their practices.

Munda tribe is also an important community of Jharkhand displayed in this museum. People from this tribe were mainly involved in hunting and agriculture. Hence in this place, they have displayed the various pictures and demo of lifestyles related to Munda community. The celebrations like Moga, Phagua, Sharai, Karma, and Sarhul are shown through this platform.

Birhor tribes are also imperative component of communities in Jharkhand. Basically this community is concentrated in Singhbum, Giridih, Chatra, Hazaribagh, Ranchi, Dhanbad and Koderma districts. In museum, separate space is given to display artifacts of this tribe and their daily lifestyles. Their music instruments, wood art, and weapons are displayed in State Museum of Ranchi.

Sculptures of State Museum

Sculpture Gallery displays carvings discovered during the excavation in Jharkhand region. These are specifically the medieval period and pre historic sculptures. These pieces of art show the beautiful and artistic chronology of this region. Sculptures belonging to Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism are also displayed here.

Historical Sculptures Displayed at State Museum in Ranchi

The main god sculptures found in this museum are related to Vishnu and Surya. Uma Maheshwar i.e. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati in various forms are displayed in the sculptures showcased here. The Navgrah and Kurmavatara concept is also crafted on rocks in this museum. Rishabhnatha and Shantinatha are important sculptures of Jainism found in State Museum. Buddha sculptures are also center of attraction in its Sculpture Gallery.

Potteries Gallery

Potteries of history and pre-historic period are displayed in this gallery. In ancient times, people used mud potteries for their daily work. Cooking, storing water, and eating all were done with these utility potteries only. The potteries kept in this gallery are brought from the excavation site of Khukhragarh in Ranchi. They beautifully exhibit the civilization of that period in India.

Attractions at State Museum in Ranchi

Painting Gallery

For the art lovers, the management has introduced separate painting gallery in State Museum. This gallery showcases the collection of historical and recent time paintings of renowned painters. These include artistic creations of Dr. Shyam Sharma, Shri Haen Thaku, and Ms Punam Kishore. They are quite properly displayed for the visitors of State Museum.


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Facilities at State Museum Ranchi


The museum is also introduced with 300 seater state of the art auditorium to manage any occasion or cultural event. It is equipped with modern facilities and devices to hold knowledgeable programs for children.


Well Established Library at State Museum in Ranchi

Well versed library has been incepted at Mega Sports complex in State Museum in Ranchi. It has large collection of historical heritage books that displays the rich culture of Jharkhand region.

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