Road Trip from Ranchi to Patratu

Located proximately at 40 km distance from Ranchi city, Patratu is a place worth trying on a one day itinerary, most exhilarating on a bike.

Way to the Patratu Valley in Ranchi

For the people still not acquainted with the beauty and serenity of Patratu, it is small laid back town in Jharkhand known for the famous and huge Jindal Thermal Power Station. It offers a breathtaking break to enjoy the tranquility of nature.

Recently, one of my friends from Ranchi decided to explore this place on his brand new Royal Enfield last weekend with a pack of bikers who shared his passion for long roads and intrepid excursions. From his first hand experiences, it turned out to be quite a mystically alluring place to discover.

Road trip from Ranchi to Patratu on a bike

He, with a bunch of his adventure freak friends, went on this exciting trip. Hair blowing winds and scenic beauty in the eyes, of course with some dust too, their spree was one that made me also driven to tramp this road in the near future.

Midway from Ranchi to Patratu, there are two junctions, at Kanke and Pithoria. Till Kanke, the roads are as usual, somewhat broken here and there. Not to worry, it was simply coz some construction work was going on there. So it was temporary!

Excellent roads en route Ranchi to Patratu

And soon after Pithoria, they were surprised to see the quality and beauty of the roads ahead.

The beautiful black tops in Ranchi Highway

As if straight from Dhoom series, roads in this stretch are absolutely mind blowing. Rightly so, with ribboned paths, S curves, hairpin bends, what actually mesmerizes you is the natural vistas that treat your eyes every now and then. With its thrills and turns, it is the biker’s paradise.

The Curvaceous roads from Ranchi to Patratu

But you still need to hold tight on your bike handles and brakes. This is because the roads run through some villages and you may spot or rather encounter some stray cows and goats en route. But beyond all that, it is a valley worth travelling on a rocking bike with your besties.

This was a rather unplanned trip and it gave them a fair chance to gorge upon the mouthwatering food at road side dhaba they supposedly passed by. Though the trip was not quite long enough to stay and eat out. The entire trip from Ranchi to Patratu takes 45 to 50 minutes at a decent speed. But still how can one miss out the local flavors on such wonderful journey.

The thrilling turns and bends on roads in Patratu valley

You will also get to catch the glimpse of famous Patratu Dam from this road. It is an awe inspiring view flanked by verdant greenery and enriched with huge water reservoir. A picture perfect location for some Kodak moments! By and large, the country roads in this part really seemed to amaze the adventurist in you.

Patratu Dam on the route from Ranchi to Patratu

By the time they touched at Patratu, they realized that it was a delightful road trip though not taken often but worth taking always. The enticing and stunning views along the path and well laid out black tops are so promising and inviting that this random one day trip has now become sort of a favorite destination for those bike freak buddies of mine.
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