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Waterfalls in Ranchi

The most delightful and inviting tourist attractions in Ranchi are its waterfalls. They are a huge attraction for local as well as national and international tourists. They also serve as charming and pleasant picnic spots in Ranchi.                                    

Dassam Falls:                                   Dassam Falls in Ranchi, Jharkhand

It is about 40 kms. from Ranchi on NH33 (Ranchi-Jamshedpur Highway). This waterfall is near village Taimara and is a tourist destination. Dassam falls is known as 'Dassam Gagh' (meaning ten) owing to ten rivulets which fall gracefully with sound of gushing water reverberating near the site. In local mundari language, Dassam means 'falls'. Dassam falls is a treat to the eyes. The Kanchi river falls from an altitude of 144 ft. forming the Dassam falls. The water is extremely clean and clear.

Tourists are however, warned not to go very near the water or have bath here, as it has proved fatal for many visitors in the past.

Hundru Falls:                 Famous Waterfall in Ranchi

Subarnarekha (also known as Swarnarekha) river falls from a height of 98 mts. (322 ft.) and creates Hundru falls. Rocks of varied shapes and sizes formed due to erosion have added to the beauty of the place, as also the green cover of trees all over. This makes it an appealing and exciting picnic spot.

The pool at the base of the waterfall satiates the anxiety of the tourists who cannot wait to have a bath and refresh themselves. It is also a trekking destination for many during summers. Hundru falls is situated 45 kms. from Ranchi off the Ranchi-Purulia Road.

Johna Falls:

It is also known as ''Gautam Dhara'' falls. The Ganga river hangs over its master stream, Raru river and Johna falls is formed. The water falls from a height of 141 ft. It gets its name after the nearby village called Johna. One has to travel 40 kms. from Ranchi on Ranchi-Purulia road to have a glimpse of this scintillating waterfall.

The place has a rest house and a Buddhist shrine with added enjoyment of having attended a fair organized every Tuesday and Saturday. A temple and ashram dedicated to Buddha was built on the top of Gautam Pahar by the sons of Raja Baldevdas Birla. The Johna Station is around 1.5 kms. from this site.

Panch Gagh Falls:

It is on Ranchi-Chakradharpur road, 6 kms. from Khunti and 55 kms. from Ranchi. It consists of five streams that are formed in a row. This happens as a result of breaking up of Banai river which falls from a good height.    Panch Gagh Falls in Ranchi, Jharkhand

The pristine surroundings and picturesque locale attracts a large number of tourists to this place. Here, the water falls from a considerable height and so it is safe for the visitors. The Government has plans for providing  more amenities for  tourists such as restaurants, toilets, fast food joints etc. Pavilions, stair cases and ladders have been provided to offer a grand view of the water fall.

The villages such as Kolamda, Kodakel, Kurki and Ghaghari near the waterfall are under the control of Maoists who write 'slogans of freedom' on the hills and rocks. As a result, tourism industry has taken a back seat in the state.

Hirni Falls:

It is formed when Ramgarha river falls from a height of 121 ft. It is located 70 kms. from Ranchi. The limestone caves (or 'kohs') in the nearby jungles are home to wild animals like porcupine, deer, bear and tigers. The name 'hirni' comes due to large number of deer in this area. A restaurant and lodge are under construction  in this location.

Lodh Falls: 

61 kms. from Netarhat, the water of Burha river falls from a height of 468 ft. forming Lodhfalls. It is also known as ''Burha Ghagh''. The sound of roaring water can be heard from afar.

A 40 kms. drive from Netarhat to Mahuadaur and then covering another 19 kms. diversion from here to Shastri Chowk  and to Pandridippa reaches you to the exquisite site of Lodh falls.

Rajrappa Falls:        

It is situated around 78 kms. from Ranchi on the way to Bokaro. River Bhairvi (Bhera) joins river Damodar and falls from a height of 30 ft. Chinnamastika (or Chinnamasta temple) is nearby which makes this place a pilgrimage centre too. There are mesmerizing rock formations for visitors to see and boating facilities for them to make their trip an enjoyable and thrilling one.      Rajrappa Falls in Ranchi

The Chinnamastika temple is very popular because of its architecture.There are 10 temples of various Gods and Goddesses. Animal sacrifice is still practiced in this temple on Tuesday, Saturday and on Kali Puja. There is a headless idol of goddess Chinnamasta which stands on the body of Kamdeo and Rati in the lotus bed.

Some Santhal tribes and many others come here (around December) as 'yatri' (in groups) to immerse ashes of their near and dear ones in Damodar river.

Rajrappa is also one of the biggest coal fields in this region.

Sita Falls:

It is adjacent to Johna falls. Hirni and Sita falls are situated amidst jungles. One has to go down Purulia road around 20 kms. beyond Angara and then take a right turn into the road leading to Johna after traveling another 4 kms. The road leading to Johna falls and Sita falls is wide and well constructed. The area around Sita falls is deserted and does not appear safe due to thick jungles.

All these waterfalls and nearby tourist attractions give a beautiful picture of Ranchi . The picturesque surroundings leave a sweet fragrance behind in the hearts of all those people who come from far and near to experience nature's beauty at its best. 

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