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Street Food of Ranchi

Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, has a good range of street food that can do salivate any person with a taste for the tongue. Since this city was a part of Bihar and has been divided from the state very recently, the local delicacies usually match the dishes that are available there. Nonetheless, the city also offers many other flavors through its street shops that correspond to the best produce of other terrains.

What comes to mind at the utterance of Ranchi are flavored tea, golgappas and littis, and more recently Momos. With a lot of street shops popping up almost every day, it becomes an onerous task to find out the best stall to have the taste of these fantasies. In this article the reader can find not only the best stall that serves good street side food but also a succulent and appetizing description of the delicacies.

Litti Chokha at Ranchi

Litti Chokha is one version that originated by being cheap food for travelers and ended with everyone having it as staple food in Bihar region.

Littis of Ranchi

The litti-chokha is mainly a baked dish that uses gram flour as the filling within wheat dough. The street stalls usually fry the baked dumplings in groundnut oil or ghee. It is served with mashed potato done with chillies, cumin powder, coriander and turmeric powder. The dish is very fulfilling and is available at Ranchi at very cheap prices.

This dish is prepared at average household here but they are commercially available to all through some of the best stalls ever. Bhola’s Litti near the High Court and stalls on Main Road Ranchi are famous for the authentic and tasty litti chokhas.

Bhola’s litti-chokha starts at about Rs.12/- per piece which is the most expensive one within the city of Ranchi. Otherwise the dish is served at about Rs. 8-10/- at street stalls on Main Road in Ranchi.

Ice-Cream and Snacks at Ranchi

An array of street food generally comprises of the small-eats with ice-cream especially in Ranchi since it is hot or warm for most part of the year. In Ranchi there are many ice-cream stalls that sell branded products. However, these products are generally a little expensive and usually charge the price recommended by the company.

Ranchi, however, has something special added to the usual ice-cream stalls. The oldest departmental store at Firayalal’s Chowk is known as Firayalal that provides the place’s name. The popularity of the store is imaginable through this instance. However, with many schools and institutions being situated in this place the departmental store is famous within the students and teachers. The small snacks that this store offers added to the different flavors of ice-cream makes it one of the best street food stall for a must taste.

If non-vegetarian food motivates and inspires, a short tour to Khalsa Punjabi at Tagore Hill in Ranchi will do the tricks. Actually this is a food joint where people come to eat meals, but the snacks available here in non-vegetarian version cannot be compared with others. Another restaurant at H B Road in Ranchi serves Tandoori chicken if one visits with friends for a hangout. Arya hotel thrives among the malls that have come up in this area to serve the best tandoori to the street food lovers.

Momos at Ranchi

The authentic food lover will not give a miss to the Tibetan delicacies of Momos and Thupkas available on the streets of Ranchi. Momos are prominent in the hill cities of Himalaya region in India. Nonetheless, the people in Ranchi actually gorge on to these delicacies owing to the taste and the low calorie content within it.

Momo at Ranchi

If one wants to taste the authentic Tibetan dish at Ranchi, it is available at Michis in Bahu Bazaar. However, stalls near Roshpa Tower and Lalpur in Ranchi have been serving dumplings at affordable prices to students and commuters daily. The best part of having dumplings here is that it fills and pacifies the appetite at a very low price, in fact lesser than having Chinese noodles and chilli chicken. One plate of Momos will serve a bowl of soup with six dumplings and hot spicy red chutney.

Golgappas at Ranchi

The coolest kid, the smartest dude or the cutest gal, everybody has one common favorite street food possibly in whole India. The spicy tangy taste of small puffy dough balls with potatoes and chutney in it makes the appetite a little more desirable in the evenings. The youngsters are more prone to visit street vendors while walking down to their home or school or college. The quick service and the spicy taste of the Ranchi Golgappa street vendors allure one and all to them.

Golgappa at Ranchi

However, Ranchi offers this extremely favorite delicacy in hygienic restaurants across the city. The idea is to serve this special snack to people who do not stand by the roadside to eat food. Kaveri at GEL Church complex in Ranchi feeds its customers with one of the tastiest golgappa available across the city. Churuwala and Punjab Sweet House also serve golgappas or panipuris to its customers. Apart from these three, tasty golgappas in Ranchi are available at Upper Bazaar near Jain temple where the seller, an expert, puts one ball after the other giving a short span for the eater to finish his mouthful.

Food Street in Ranchi

Though it is actually not the kind of street food one expects to find in a place in India, it will be a miss not to mention food street stalls at Ranchi. The reason it is included within this list of the best street food found in the city is that the stalls serve their customers through windows and all people actually stand at the stalls and eat the delicacies served.

What is most important and extraordinary about the food street is that it really sells street food from various countries starting from Mongolia to the Continentals. One can also have Hummus and Swarmas at Food Street in Ranchi and fulfill his appetite for different, in fact, an experience of ordering multi cuisine.

Food lovers delight in exploring the streets of this city for various stalls and street shops. Providing contentment to the taste buds is cherishingly done here with all street foods available at different places and roads in Ranchi.

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