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Economy Of Ranchi

Economy in Ranchi includes agriculture, tourism, mineral resources and industries. Jharkhand is predominantly a tribal state and nearly 80% of population is engaged in agriculture. Moderate climate aids cultivation of crops such as  bajra, wheat, sugarcane, til, oil seeds, pulses etc. Fruits and vegetables are brought fresh to the market. These include brinjal, ladies finger, tomato, gourd, lemons and fruits such as papaya, mango, litchi etc. flood the markets with their color and aroma.

Farmers resort to traditional ways of cultivation, although government has made efforts to educate them in the use of technology for better yield. For instance, farmers plant legumes with other crops. This facilitates nitrogen fixation and makes the soil fertile. So, gram is planted with mustard or wheat. Animal dung is used as manure which is natural and harmless. ''doba'' are dug out and lined with polythene for rain water harvesting.

However, there are some major constraints for the farmers. They find it difficult  to cultivate crops in hilly terrains, plateaus and valleys as it leads to soil erosion. Declining soil fertility due to depletion of carbon content in the soil is another major factor. Most of the farmers do not have access to good quality seeds and electricity. The risk that the farmers undertake is very high whereas insurance coverage is negligible. 

Efforts by the government has brought respite to the farmers, nevertheless. ''Kisan Kushali Yogna'' allows them to rear livestock along with producing dual crop. ''Krishi Bazaar Samiti'' marketing  complex at Ranchi is a boon for farmers. National Agricultural Insurance Scheme provides financial security to these farmers. Under the ''Mukhya Mantri Kisaan Credit Card Yojna'', interest subsidy is provided to farmers who repay their loan within specified time framework.


The tourism sector contributes its portion of revenue as tourists visit Ranchi and are enthralled to visit temples, waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries, museums and other monuments.


There are a number of small scale and big industries in Ranchi. The industrial Policy 2001 gave a boost to economy. Small Scale Industries like sericulture, handicrafts and hand loom received marketing assistance. Software Technology Park was set up in Ranchi.

Central Processing Units were established for dying, finishing and processing. Urban ''haat'' were set up for sale of products. Assistance was provided to rural industries like , sericulture, handicrafts,  khadi and textile.

Jharkhand Industrial Policy 2012 includes  fiscal concession and benefits, single window system for time bound clearance, development of industries and  infrastructural development and opening of ancillary units by mega industries etc. Ranchi has become a hub of medium and large industries owing to abundance of mineral resources and man power. The youth has got advantage of employment opportunities in their own home town.

Industrial environment has improved owing to globalization, privatization and liberalization. Sick Units have been taken care of. There is stress on PPP (Public-Private-Partnership) in the field of infrastructural development and  human resource development.Special incentives have been announced for the benefit of SC/ST and women entrepreneurs. The industries are upgraded themselves and received  ISO 9000/14000 certifications. It is also imperative for the industries to strictly adhere to  pollution control norms.

The International Airport in Ranchi which was recently inaugurated speaks volumes about development and economy in Ranchi. Development of  road and rail network has also improved. Business and transport of finished products to and from Ranchi has become easy. Most of the government departments have been computerized.                                      

Names of Industries in Ranchi:

  • Chotanagpur Rope Works Private, Namkum
  • Pragati Chemicals, Namkum
  • Heavy Engineering Corporation, Dhurwa
  • Bharat Mineral and Ceramic Ind., Mahilong
  • Waxpol Ind. Limited, Tatisilway
  • Pelriwal Hydrocarbon and Chemicals Private Limited, Mahilong
  • Balaji Wire Ind., Mahilong
  • Shivnarayan Jaiswal Peivate Limited, Ranchi

Ranchi Industrial Area Development Authority:

Ranchi Industrial Area Development Authority (RIADA) engaged in the development of Industries in Ranchi. It provides  assistance pertaining to arrangement of loans and banking finance and project selection along with location including supply of power and water to new and upcoming Industrial Units in Ranchi.

Small Scale Industries in Ranchi:

Name of Industry     
Phone   Numbers 
A Three Agrotech  
Floriculture, vegetable cultivation and nurseries
Die Casting, Non-ferrous Pressure & Gravity Die Casting, Zinc Die Casting    
Anand Chemicals  
Alumina Ferric Grade 1 and Grade 2, Bleaching Powder, water related consultancy 
+91-651-2290655, 229013
Bharat Minerals & Ceramic Industries
High Alumina Refractories, Acid Resistant Bricks & Mortar, Coke Oven Bricks & Shapes, Silliminite Bricks & Mortar
CPC Equipments Pvt. Ltd. 
Project Engineers, Manufacturer & Dealers of Crushing & Screening Equipments and Spares. 
Doyen Flyash Blocks
Blocks and Bricks     +919431584066
Eastern Engineering    
Swing Grinder, motorized Gas Cutting Set, Number of manual gas cutting sets, gas welding sets, portable grinders and other tools 
Kiran Enterprises 
Herbal Cosmetics   
+91-651-2205971, 2202982
Lakhotia Plastic Industries 
Plastic film, Plastic granules etc.   
+ 91-651-2543284
Mangalam Lubricants Diesel & Petrol Engine Oils, 4-Stroke Engine Oils, 2-T Self Mix Oils, Hydraulic Oils, High Temperature Lithium Based Greases +91-651 2252066, 6454066, 2290600
Printing, Fabrication, LED Signages, Retro Reflective Signages 
0651-2500596 / 2253146 / 2251596   
AC & DC drive, systems engineering, supply & commissioning.     +91-651-2275875    
Miki Wire Works  Wire Ropes for Hoist, Cranes, Mining, General Engineering, Small Chords, Marine, Fishing, Colliery Haulage etc.
+91-651-2213625, 3292898, 3290214   
National Engineering Works Mechanical, Technological Structures , High Pressure Nozzles, Burners, Heat Exchangers , Bucket Elevators,Sprockets , perforated plates, Hoppers, Skip Hoist (Complete System)
+91-651-2290814,  244102 
Precision Engineering  
Exactness machined components and sub assemblies for Indian Defence 
Parrot Masala Natural spices, Blended spices Papad and many other agro products 
Plexpo Industries (India) Pvt. Ltd. PVC pipes   
0651-2544192, 2543419, 2231726, 2231038 
Rotostore Tanks Vertical Cylindrical Tanks, Vertical Cylindrical, Loft Tanks, Hexagonal  
S.K.Pump Industries
Hand Pumps, Treadle Pumps, Pipes, Accessories & More  
Shree Shakambari Rice Mill Pvt. Ltd. 
Rice, Rice bran, Rice husk 
0651-2291707, 6000158 
Stech Control & Automation 
Mimic panels, Demand monitoring panels, Ac/dc drive panel, Control desk ETC, ACB panel  0651-2275678
Transgietz Enterprises    
Power & Distribution Transformer, Control Panels, Accessories, Field Switch, Reactor, Power Distribution Boards  
06512306187, 2275824 

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