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Cuisines of Ranchi

Primarily typical food of Ranchi is influenced by the tribal culture, but it also has reflection of Mughlai & Bengali and Bihari Cuisines. The food of this region has a distinctive style. The local dishes are still the same and have not been much commercialized like dishes of other states. Some snacks like Singhara or Samosa, can be savored in the restaurants of the city. On visiting any tribal village or a tribal wedding one can taste the exotic traditional food of this part of the region. The non-vegetarian food is spicy and quiet liked by the local people.

Ingredients Used in Ranchi Cuisine

Food items commonly used in the cuisine of Ranchi include various kinds of tarkari (vegetables), Dal (lentils) and Bhat (rice). Rice is a staple food in the main course & is popular among the residents. Some flowers like Drumstick flowers and Jhirool are used by tribal people as vegetables. Saag (Green) vegetables like Palak, Bathua, Methi and Chana are also fondly eaten by the people of Ranchi. Curd is also an important part of the daily food. Mostly all types of fruits are eaten here most common being Mango, Banana, Apple, etc.

Food in Ranchi

Some common local dishes of Ranchi are:

  • Dhuska
  • Peetha
  • Arsa & Chhilka
  • Litti &Chokha
Drinks like Tea (Chai) & Sattu are very popular. Hadia (Jhara, Diang,) is a type of Rice wine, any tribal festive ceremony is incomplete without Hadia.
There are a large number of restaurants, to suit every pocket in Ranchi, which serve all types of Indian cuisine and International cuisine. Visitors and the tourists can hang out with the family, and enjoy the delicacies in an amicable & cozy atmosphere. Dishes like Chowmein, Dosa, Idli, Channa- Bhathura can be enjoyed here. The variety of food available is an added attraction to visit the city.Main Road, Ranchi has the maximum number of restaurants which offer food of all varieties.

Nutritional Value of Food in Ranchi

The traditional foods prepared in Ranchi are famous for their nutritional & medicinal values. Sattu, used as a drink also is an integral part of diet of the people in Ranhi. It is very refreshing, filling and is very beneficial in hot weather.

Street Food in Ranchi

Cuisine of RanchiThe mouth –watering street–food in Ranchi is affordable, offers a lot of variety & is easily available. Snacks like Litti, Singhara or Samosa, Aloo Chop, Baiganee Chop, Vegetable Chop, Pakauri or Pakor, etc. are worth trying. Jhaal- Moori like the North-Indian Bhelpuri is a light spicy snack which is eaten with much relish. Golgappas are served in the local style with aaloo- peas filling & spicy & sour water. Momos, which are steamed dumplings stuffed with chicken or vegetables, are also a favorite dish amongst people. The most popular place for tasting street food is the Food Street, Doranda, Ranchi. The tempting, delicious & mouth-watering dishes attracts both young & old to this place.

Fast-Food in Ranchi

Fast food is quiet popular & a craze amongst youngsters in Ranchi. Many Fast food chains like Pizza Hut, Dominos, Subway, KFC, Dosa Plaza, Cafe Coffee Day (CCD), Moti Mahal Deluxe Restaurant have their outlets in the city and others are also planning to set-up their outlets in the near future. Restaurants across the city serve dishes like Pizzas, Burgers, Chowmein, etc. which are relished with much delight. GEL Church complex and Roshpa Tower in Ranchi are places which have many fast food restaurants and are frequented by locals & tourists alike.

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