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Chhinnamasta Temple in Ranchi

Ranchi has been known for its mineral production in the map of India, owing to which it has been also called the ‘Manchester of the East’. The little city in the Jharkhand state has its own charm that appeals to most who have been born and brought up on its land. There are various tourist attractions within the city but there are also a few that have been present for a long time outside the city limits. One such temple is the famous Chhinnamasta temple near Rajarappa, the confluence of two rivers Bheda and Damodar.

Hindu Temple at Ranchi

The delicious street food or the various falls that Ranchi proudly possesses, the city basks in its own special significance. Significantly Ranchi was once the hill station for the affluent Bengalis thriving during the Babu-culture genre. The sole reason for calling it a ‘hill station’ is its perfect weather, the weather which has been more pleasant with forests in those days. With deforestation and construction of modern buildings Ranchi has lost its charm as hill station. However, still Bengalis from West Bengal travel to Ranchi to visit the Chhinnamasta temple at Rajrappa.

A major reason behind the popularity of this temple is the admired mystery adventure written by Satyajit Ray featuring his hero Feluda. Rajrappa was the center of a mystery where a Bengali family went for their annual picnic. In spite of losing the green charm, Rajrappa still possesses the beauty of a falls along with the magnificent confluence of two rivers. Bengalis liked to go to hike this spot which also included visiting and paying respect to Chinnamasta temple.

An interesting mythological story also follows the establishment of Chhinnamasta temple. According to the Hindu sacred book of Sanatan Dharma, Goddess Bhagawati emerged as victorious against all Asuras (evil lords) along with her two companions, Jaya and Vijaya. They killed all Asuras and drank their blood. However, even after the victory, these two companions were thirsty for more blood. To save the world from destruction, Goddess Bhagawati cut her own head to quench their thirst with her own blood. The term Chhinamasta is a combination of Chhinna and Masta meaning without head in Sanskrit. The temple is also guarded by Lord Shiva from all sides. There are four other temples surrounding this Dham which are dedicated to Lord Shiva for all four directions.

Many devotees come to Rajrappa and visit Chhinnamasta temple since it is rumored that a devotee was blessed with the Goddess’s appearance when he worshipped her for long. It is also believed that the devotees with a pure and holy wish are granted his desire by the Goddess.

Falls at Ranchi

What makes it a better place for a trip from Ranchi is the combination of pristine location of a falls, the serenity rising from the confluence of two major rivers, and the religious environment that the temple renders to Rajrappa. As was mentioned earlier in this discussion, the place was very popular with the Bengali Babus at one point of time. The perfect weather conditions which Rajrappa provides is always appealing for the locals who can opt for a picnic here.

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